Eating After Gallbladder Removal

After surgery, eating was and is continuously a nerve-racking endeavor.  For the first few days I lived off of water and jello.  Then I slowly introduced egg whites, then low sodium turkey.  Then I incorporated wheat toast.  Then I had steamed chicken and vegetables.  This slow progression is what helped me introduce new, low-fat foods.  Seriously though, there are only a couple of ways you can make egg whites.  Gatorade was also a big help in fighting dehydration.  I was fighting to even eat 1000 calories.  For days I was eating less than 600.  For a ten day period, I think I only had around 8000 total calories.  That’s not a lot at all.  However, once I started to find foods I could eat, I began to binge because I could finally eat.  Binging was not ideal.  I was frustrated, but couldn’t stop it because my body required so much fuel.  I was missing a lot of nutrients.  I began taking gummy vitamins again, along with fat-free Carnation Instant Breakfast.   I kept building on what I could eat.  However, what were the limitations?


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