I need surgery? Seriously?!

So, as I mentioned the other night, I had a binge-fest.  A fantastic feast I was not proud of.  Well the next day when I was venting (Saturday Night), after eating egg whites and such, I started to get this weird pain in my back.  I could hardly sleep that night.  It was bad.  The pain wasn’t excruciating, but it was there.  At first I thought I pulled a muscle or something, but then the pain became localized to one area, right-side below the shoulder-blade.  Drinking water caused the pain’s intensity to gain some spirit.  Needless to say, yesterday (Sunday), I had two slices of toast and a bowl of cereal.  That was it.  At that point I figured it may be gall stones.

I told myself last night, if the pain is not better in the morning, then off to the doctor’s it is.  Well the pain did not change.  I showered, prepared my things, ate two pieces of toast, and managed my way to the hospital.  Why the hospital?  It’s the only place locally to get everything done in one spot.

In the emergency room, wow, sickness everywhere.  I mean, of course!  People were wearing those H1N1 panic masks.  People were throwing up.  In fact, I waited in the ER for five hours just to get called.  Why?  Well I got up because someone was “ralphing” next to me, and I was not having it.  While I stepped outside, someone was calling for me.  They took me out of the system thinking I had left.

Shortly after five hours, I was received.  They took blood.  They gave me multiple ultrasounds on my gall bladder, liver, and pancreas.  During the tests, each time the technician touched my gall bladder, it was very tender.  So apparently I have some awesome gall stones.  They didn’t see an infection.  They didn’t see an obstruction.  I was still curious about my back pain.  We conversed and thought maybe it was my GERD.  The physician assistant whipped up some fancy medical concoction to see if that would eliminate my back pain.  Well it didn’t.

Perplexed, the PA brought in the supervising doctor.  We all had a chat together.  It was agreed upon that I was experiencing classic gall bladder pains, and that I should consult a surgeon.  It’s kind of eye-opening.  Did my rapid weight gain and loss contribute to this?  It most certainly did.  And to think, the last two days I dropped twelve more pounds.  Rest assured that will come back as water weight.

Anyhow, what a way to end my Monday.  Not a stress that I envisioned at all.


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