Small Victories

Little, small victories.  Well I had something very stressful happen.  I was taking an online examination tonight for a class.  It was a three-hour final.  It had 10 short essays and 20 multiple choice questions.  All drawn from master’s level business.  If you’re a b-school student, you know the drill.  Well once the test began, I tried scrolling up to read the upper part of the directions, but Firefox and Blackboard were not meshing.  So I was able to read the bulk of them and they were pretty standard.  I began on my essays because the test was timed. I got through much of the first one, went on to others, and then received access to the top of the page.  Come to find out, there was a 100 word limit.  So I had to go back and restructure a bunch of the questions.  Put points into bullets, etc. This took a bit of time.  It’s essentially rewriting.  I pushed hard to get through the rest of the test, and long story short, I half assed 2 essays and did not finish one.  So I can get a B- max on the test.

I was frustrated.  After emailing the professor, I went straight to the kitchen.  Although my stomach was/is still kind of upset from yesterday’s fiasco, it was food time.  I made egg whites, with light cheese, toast, and celery.  I did have a small chicken finger but it was really small.  It’s still a victory because that moment I was rampaging.  I’m not a dessert guy but will destroy a brick of cheese.  Seriously, who cuts to ounces on a brick? Repressed.


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