…and Someone Broke In

…and Someone Broke In.

I didn’t imagine this would ever happen.  No one ever thinks about what it’s like if someone enters your home without permission.  But when it happens, wow.

This past week, a “family” member who’s now a full-blown drug addict entered our home when no one was here.  I caught him and his girlfriend leaving as I pulled in the driveway.  He immediately panicked and told me he was just shoveling snow off the back porch.  I immediately went to the back porch and saw evidence in the snow that he tried entering one door, but it was locked.  Then I found that our kitchen patio door was slightly ajar.  As I entered, there were tiny amounts of snow on the floor, and a small amount of money was missing from the dining room/kitchen island.  I was furious.

Of course I called the police.  The Deputy came, and he questioned and gathered evidence.  This crook lives five houses from me.  It’s very unsettling.  I have a lot of expensive camera and computer equipment that I left out next to the money that was taken.  I strongly believe he was scouting the inside looking for what he can take the next time.  The police have been on his tail.  Recently, he’s had many run-ins with the law.  His landlord issued them an eviction notice.  I know they have thirty days, but I’m not sure when it was issued.  I hope it expires soon.

I can’t begin to tell you how anxious I’ve felt over the last few days.  It’s absolutely crazy.  Our house is set back one hundred yards from the road, so if anything happens, it’s not like my neighbors will see it.  I’ve had sleeping issues.  Lately I usually fall sleep around sunrise just to make it through the night.  No one should have to go through this kind of anxiety and fear.  I’m also afraid of the retaliation when he finds out a couple felonies are coming his way.  We are protected here at the house, but who wants to face that kind of conflict?  I hope the perpetrator remains a coward and leaves the area and state altogether.  It’s really difficult.  I just wish it would pass.


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