GERD.  I hate GERD.  I’ve had GERD for quite some time.  It really only became noticeable when I put on weight and got over the 300 pound mark.  Heartburn took off.  It was crazy.  I remember one time being in the passenger seat of a car and my chest immediately started to hurt, then I got to work and I began to sweat, felt light-headed, and off to the emergency room I went.  In the end, everything was Kosher.

I also have a hiatal hernia.  The combination is lethal.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to the hospital or doctor for my heart when really it was GERD destroying me because it uses the same nerves the heart does during an attack.  After countless EKGs, heart ultrasound, limb cuff pressure testing and a stress test, I became obsessed with my pulse.  I went out and bought a heart rate monitor.  It got bad.  I’m constantly checking my pulse in various situations.  Apparently my grandfather used to do the same.  I wonder if that fear is genetic.  Recently the new kick is measuring my blood pressure.  Although that’s getting better with my weight loss.

Currently my chest is burning through the sternum and I have a lot of belching and I’m bloated.  I woke up fine, exercised for a little bit, and now it’s been going on all day.  I’m also very stressed and anxious about a few things that are going on, so that could be part of the reaction.  Aside from a couple of spikes, like 148/97, in or around, the BP has been pretty consistent all day.  Also, pain and discomfort isn’t good for the BP.

To make the rant shorter, even with medicine, the heartburn, and bloating is absolutely terrible.  As I lose weight, I’ve been praying that the symptoms slow down a bit.  Sometimes they’re actually worse.  I would really like to avoid surgery on my hernia.  I would love for it to take its natural course.  I still have some pounds to go.  I thought I broke my plateau… WRONG.

Anyhow, I’m done complaining.  I don’t think people realize the amount of anxiety chest pains can have, even if from GERD.  That’s one of the points of this little venture.  An outlet for me to release some of these pent-up thoughts hoping it’ll lead to some relaxation.  Lord knows I need it.

Be well world.


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