Cereal Serving Sizes and Pricing Rant!

Serving sizes? Wow. Okay, a small box of Cinnamon Life has twelve servings.  So I filled three normal sized bowls and the box was gone.  That’s incredible.  I can understand how a modern bagel is much, much larger than a normal bagel from the 50s, which are now called mini bagels, but a bowl of cereal is a bowl of cereal.  It’s already evident that the amount of food we’re getting for our dollar is less and less.  You’ll notice this in bags of chips.  A half of a gallon of ice cream went to 1.75 quarts, now down to 1.5 quarts AND the price nearly doubled.  It’s crazy.  It’s disheartening.  Velveeta. Wow, I saw a large brick of for $13.  Seriously? That little $3.99 brick is now $7-8.  Talk about food inflation.  Velveeta is not even cheese.  Maybe it really is made out of crude oil?  What has gone down in price?  Soda?  I have seen sales for twelve-packs, three for $5.  Has it always been that cheap?  I have no idea, I don’t usually buy it.

Back to cereal.  I bought my Cinnamon Life, buy one get one, for $4.59.  Both boxes combined are seemingly equivalent to an old box of cereal.  So basically to get the same amount of cereal, today I would normally pay over $9.  That’s INSANE!  I don’t even eat marshmallow cereals.  It is freaking flour, sugar, and cinnamon.  PLUS, this cereal is aerated.  It’s not even solid. So ingredients go further.  I feel like we’re all getting John Shaft’d here.  I’m not being gluttonous.  I’m wondering why three normal bowls of cereal need to cost $1.53 apiece.  I buy cereal every once in a while.  Parents buy cereal constantly.  That’s crazy.  Here I’m complaining about some Quaker brands, go to the “organic” section. Ha, two boxes of cinnamon vegan bits and three goat tit yogurts, $37.  Repressed.


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