Plateau… ugh

Plateaus are a bitch.  Let’s just come out and say it.  I have plateaued for ten days now.  My intake is average, around 2000-2200 calories, but I still burn like 1400 a day, at least.  While I know it doesn’t just disappear the next day, it should consistently go because of my intakes.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been inside for a week due to the ridiculous winter weather.  I haven’t been to the gym in a bit either, and I even have dumb bells here at the house.  It’s crazy.  Lots of school stress and just straight bumming around.  Today I did have Chinese food. I’m a bad panda.

Why is Chinese food so good?  A lot of places I eat at don’t use MSG (so they say).  But wow.  There’s this place in White Plains, NY called Asian Temptation.  They have the best General Tso’s.  It’s like crispy chicken balls that are glazed with that fantastic hoisin sauce.  Dragon and Phoenix is great too because they serve it with both general and coconut chicken, topped with glazed walnuts.  Going nuts over here. Ha!  Seriously though, if anyone every reads this from the New York City area, Asian Temptation.

I also really love Japanese food.  Sashimi. K, I’m hungry.


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