Panic Pete is Back.

Here’s how fucked up my brain is sometimes.  I often check my pulse as a precautionary, just to make sure everything is consistent.  When I’m feeling a rush, I want to see if it’s elevated.  It’s a way of monitoring.  I checked while I was cleaning some dishes, just to see if it was increasing and it hadn’t.  I just checked my blood pressure a few times.  The first time it was 119/90, then 128/87, then 127/89.  My pulse was 79 on all three.  My pulse is normally 79-88 at rest, but when I’m moving around it’s normally 90-110 depending on what I’m doing.  Well my 79 wasn’t at rest, so I freaked out.  I freaked out that something was wrong because they weren’t as high.  Three – four months ago it was consistently 130/90 (at rest) – 145/96.  Right before Thanksgiving, I had a couple of spikes of 160/109, but I was really anxious during that episode.  From that point on I would check my BP sometimes.  I didn’t for a couple of months.  I checked a couple of days ago and the numbers were similar to todays.

This was all prompted by a centralized heartburn feeling in my mid-upper back.  Panic Pete was back.


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