Intro to an AnonFatty


So what is this about?  First off, I’m a male. My name is AnonFatty. This is my journey from being an anonymous fatty (Anon), to becoming a non fatty. Within I will share personal stories, trials, and tribulations.  Some things may be embarrassing while others sharp.  Disclaimer: I will say some offensive things from time to time.  Before judging me on somethings I may say, it’s important to realize that when your body is going through a bunch of changes, there are different psychological outcomes.  This means that I may view one thing a certain way, and with progress that application may no longer apply.  I can be arrogant and narcissistic as well, which I’m sure will come out now and again, but this a personal journey, so when isn’t it going to be about me at some points?


  • BEFORE: Former competitive athlete, stud, over-confident, SOB with a kind heart, charismatic, extremely loyal (sometimes only to my cause), charitable, philanthropy, self-determination, self actualized, social butterfly.
  • AFTER: Then I found love, stopped playing sports, lost competitive drive, gained a lot of weight, gained fears, became anxious, lost determination, lost self actualization, went through family hell, lost the love of my life after nearly eight years, isolated, less social, defeated.

That’s just a small list.  A lot of tears were shed.  A lot of judgment passed.  A lot of things have changed.  I’ve done well on my weight loss journey.  Again, some things have changed, others haven’t.  I personally feel some are worse.  I’m all over the place, so I’m pretty sure a shrink would have a great time analyzing me.  For the shrinks out there, I’m an ENTJ for starters.

So welcome to my world.  If you’ll have me, allow me to indulge you with my biggest secrets.



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